what is eating/sf?

eating/sf was born in a foggy Inner Sunset, San Francisco apartment as a way for one Kasey (sometimes, Ksenya) to share her passion for all things related to food. Born in the sprawling metropolis of Moscow, Ksenya headed to the States, via a few stops, at the age of six. Eventually, she started going by a shorter, more pronounceable name of Kasey, but the poet in her will still always be Ksenya.

So why eating/sf? And what's up with the carrots? Carrots are a childhood love: their crunchiness, sweetness, and sunny orange disposition. Early on, Kasey gained the loving nickname of 'Zayez,' or rabbit, granted upon her by her grandfather. The carrots are a tribute to this nickname and to the simple comforts of home.

This site combines her deep love of writing with her growing interest in healthy, delicious food (both created in her home and enjoyed out at the lovely establishments of her city). It's also a way for her to share her travels and her life wherever it intersects with food and drink (on a daily basis!).

While eating/sf is a blog about food, it has also become a blog about music. Introduced in January 2009, Musical Pairings have been serving up great music ideas for dinner gatherings, simple nights at home and romantic evenings in (courtesy of one music-loving husband--Matthew).

eating/sf is a place to come home to, travel with and turn up the volume on.

eating/sf has been featured in Tastespotting, FoodGawker, The Kitchn, The Bay Bridged , Eater SF, Breakthru Radio, The Huffington Post and GoodBite. Bay Area Bites named us one of the 'Top Five Local Food Blogs Worth Your Time.'

If you're a reader with a question or just want to say hello, a restaurant owner, food PR professional or publisher, feel free to shoot a note to: kasey (dot) fleisher (at) gmail (dot) com.

If you've got any Musical Pairings requests or are a band we should check out, feel free to reach out to: matthew (dot) hickey (at) gmail (dot) com.

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